Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A background on my paranoia

I've worked in some pretty cool places, and I've seen way to much info that points to dedicated, aggressive, information collection/propaganda creation put into action by the US Army. The Army doesn't even have all the cool shit, the spooks do. I've seen a few unspeakable acts, and no, it doesn't involve anyone dying, although I've had more than my fair share of carnage, probably more than your average grunt.

Even though our government actively scans us, and has plenty of Carnivores doing their business, the US Army seems to be totally unaware of the basics of network security. I might have been just a "grunt" type, but I managed to find and patch a few holes in my unit, hopefully keeping some plans out of the many civilians and enemies hands right outside our gates.

I may not be proud of why we were there, but I know I fought with honor, and I helped open a few "commo" guy's minds. Just remember to keep quite and encrypted on the net as much as possible, you never know who is listening.

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