Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So I just got a laptop....

Got a laptop the other day for school. My budget was about $600, and I chose the HP dv5. It's a later revision, so I'm hoping that it will be less problematic then some of the earlier models. I was ecstatic to be able to get a Core i3 for sub $550, although it does seem to lag every now and again, that may be the 3GB RAM on Winblows 7 x64. I've been putting it through the paces though, and it seems to be sufficient.  I think the amount of bloatware on it from HP has something to do with it as well. I've notice HP has their own media player, which it defaults to for music and movies. I don't like it, WMP is shit anyways, but I'd rather use that than this HP garbage they put on here, Mplayer will be on shortly to say the least. You can't even seek through a song. How idiotic is that. I mean, if you have a DJ set, or an Opera you want to listen to, and lets say you like a particular stanza, how am I supposed to get there? Then again, I didn't RTFM for this program, as it just seems like junk to me. I'll stick with open-source solutions, thank you. (Which is ironic, using a winblows system)

One thing I really like is the GOBI chip. Even though it doesn't help my paranoia at all (extremely paranoid, lol, thank you Dept. of Defense, and 4th branch of gov't). Bad thing is though, you need to subscribe to at least 1 month of service before the GPS is enabled. I guess I'll be getting a prepaid cc here soon. Since I've only had it 3 days, I am still getting used to things such as the mousepad (scrolling sucks, for sure, I plan on using a mouse though), and in Linux, it doesn't recognize any right clicks, at all.You don't realize how bad the macfags have it until you can't right click. I'm still trying to figure out how this whole GOBI thing works, because, admittedly, I'm a little behind on hardware. I'm hoping to turn this into a nice little rig though, upping the 3GB RAM to 6-8, maybe getting a bigger HDD. The wireless seems to be compatible with a lot of programs I use for wardriving, etc.... I would like to get the cell net up, but I'll have to wait for anyone reading this to make me some ad revenue first, lol. Then again, there's that whole cell phone, gps tracking, paranoia thing again. (I'll have to explain that later, I'm not crazy, I just know too much, lol)

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  1. I've noticed on the dv5-2074dx that I bought from Best Buy, the MAC address of my Atheros AR9285 sends a "Best Buy" identifier linked to the MAC address and probes while looking for an AP.

    Hope that helps your paranoia

    Seems like there is no way to disable it, or even change the MAC, I can on everything else, but it seems the Wireless has that identifier and MAC burnt into the firmware or something.

    I know a bit about computers, not everything, but the higher level Geek Squad still couldn't figure it out.